Shaun the Homeschool Guru FAQs

1.  IS HOMESCHOOLING  LEGAL IN THE US?  Absolutely, however there are specific laws for each state.  

2.  DO I HAVE TO BE A CERTIFIED TEACHER TO HOMESCHOOL?  You are not required to be a certified teacher.  You can be the primary instructor and supervisor of your child’s education.

3.  DOES HOMESCHOOL NEED TO BE ACCREDITED? No, however if your child is planning to play sports at a NCAA school there are specific curriculum requirements.


5.  DO HOMESCHOOLERS GET THEIR GED OR OR DIPLOMA?  Homeschoolers can be issued a Diploma  If you’re using an accredited educational institution, they carry the weight of issuing a diploma.

6.  WHAT DO HOMESCHOOLERS DO FOR SOCIALIZATION?  Co-ops are a good place to connect with other homeschoolers.  There are also many sports teams including cheer-leading for homeschoolers.  Attending homeschool events at your local library always presents an opportunity to socialize.

7.  WILL MY CHILD BE ABLE SUCCEED IN THE “REAL WORLD” IS THEY’RE HOMESCHOOLED?  It’s funny, people only moving towards homeschool worry about their child being able to succeed in the real world.  Children already have to live in the real world, and homeschool allows you to focus on the the real world.  When homeschooling your child is in the real word everyday.

8.  HOW CAN I PREVENT THE SUMMER SLIDE?  Participate in summer learning programs.  The children will still be on vacation, but will be learning.  Also, you can never go wrong with field trips!

9.  HOW DO I KNOW WHAT CURRICULUM TO BUY?  That would be the last of my concerns.  I would start a period of "de-schooling" which is breaking the habit of being in public school system & getting used to being at home.  I would read a lot, and take lots of field trips.  This period of de-schooling should last no less than 1 month.  During this time have your kids take a learning style quiz and you take a teaching style quiz.

10.  WHERE DO I START?  Check the laws in your states and develop a plant to make sure those are followed.