About Shaun

 I am a mompreneur who has been married to my wonderful husband for 13 years, and a mom to our 3 beautiful children.  As if homeschooling our children isn’t enough; we own a logistics business, catering business, and I am a homeschool consultant.  We were blessed to step out of the corporate world several years ago, and have not looked back.

We were nudged by the Holy Spirit to begin homeschooling our children several years ago.  After much prayer & a leap of faith we decided to pull our children from public school and begin this journey.  Seeing the immediate change in our children & our family-life confirmed that we had made the right decision and were walking on the correct path.

Although I am based in Texas, technology allows me to work with clients around the globe.  I inspire parents to find ways to adapt their homeschool, to their desired family-life.  But, really, I'm on a quest to help families transition from public education to educating at home.  My goal is to guide families forward in their homeschool journey using my experience, wisdom and vision.  I understand that educating at home doesn't look the same for everyone, and I’m passionate about helping families find their tailored fit.  

Shaun Taylor


Homeschool Coach, Mompreneur,

Author, Public Speaker, Homeschooler